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In 2001 the Cooper Union, under the direction of Kevin Bone, developed and exhibited Water-Works, the Architecture and Engineering of the New York City Water Supply, a 350 piece show that documented the city’s quest for reliable water. The research looked at the history of the system, from the earliest well sources, the brick and stone work of the Croton Systems, the monumental structures of the Catskill System, the emergence of modern concrete engineering, and the Delaware watershed expansion.

Kevin Bone, colleagues and students spent nine years cataloging and preserving the contents of a remarkable archive held by the City of New York Department of Environmental Protection that described the system. Following the exhibition a book was published. Essays by Bone, former DEP Commissioner Albert F. Appleton, and scholars Peter H. Gleick and Gerard Koeppel trace the history of the system. Bone/Levine Architects, under the direction of B/LA Project Manager Paul Deppe, developed and administered a two year one million dollar program to stabilize and digitize the Archive behind this project.

Water-Works, The Architecture and Engineering of the New York City Water Supply (Monacelli Press, 2005) Edited by Kevin Bone. This book is regarded the definitive text on the New York water supply system and is required reading in core study for both architecture and engineering courses.