Singer Building Loft

New York, NY

This project converted 5000 square feet of the landmark Little Singer Building to a four bedroom, three bathroom living environment for a growing family. The space was constrained by typical loft limitations: all light and exposure is at either end of a long rectangular space, with no sidewall windows. To address this and organize the plan, the architectural strategy employed the idea of an interior street, which was open to the main living space on one end, and traversed past the bedrooms and other support spaces to reveal the windows at the far end. The “street” served several roles; preserving the maximum length of the space, emphasizing the grandness of the dimensions, allowing for cross ventilation, and permitting the natural light from opposite ends of the space to be visible throughout.

The bedrooms and other volumes are stacked and staggered along the interior street, with large sliding glazed panels that allow maximum flexibility and connection to the family spaces. The doors and windows of the interior street were custom fabricated from a combination of black-iron, mahogany, and a lightly frosted glass that invokes the traditional fireproof windows used throughout historic SoHo. Windows, sliding panels, and turned corners, set up the primary architectural characteristics of the space. The floors of the loft are quarter-sawn white oak planks and the ceilings were trimmed to reveal the unique structural framing and coffering of this remarkable pioneering work of early high rise architecture.