Mesa's Edge Ranch

Hotchkiss, CO | 2007 | XX sqft

This ranch is situated in the mesas of Western Colorado. The building site, an old homestead first settled in 1882, had an existing wood cabin, granary, tool building, tractor shed and slaughter house, all of which were preserved and incorporated into the design – a compound of historic and new structures sympathetic to local western vernacular. The primary structure used for the new architecture was an open timber post and beam frame system typical of the hay barns of the region. The frame, with an oversized roof projecting well beyond the perimeter columns, served as the principal environment moderating system, creating deep-set outdoor spaces and shading the walls from the harsh dessert sun. The roofing system is subtly modified to accommodate various exposures and environmental conditions. In some places the roofing is made of simple corrugated sheet metal, other areas are comprised of corrugated sheet metal over 12” thick insulation panels, and in other areas is made up of open metal louvers. The result is a layered and sculpted roofscape reflecting the different functions below. The exterior wall system is independent of the timber super structure, shifted in plan to create covered outdoor spaces. The two building systems are interwoven to establish the programmatic elements of the interior.