Landmark Restoration


The Packer Collegiate Institute is a preparatory school, originally founded as The Brooklyn Female Academy in 1845. The current campus is an assemblage of seven distinct buildings in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, the oldest building erected in 1854, and the latest modifications completed in 2000. The preparatory school serves grades PreK-12 and supports after-school and summer activities. The seven connected campus buildings not only had a wide range of age, style and construction, but also a wide range of exterior problems and face a variety of maintenance needs. The current multi-year Exterior Repairs Program was developed as part of a greater Master Plan dealing with all aspects of the interior and exterior spaces and conditions on the campus. The Exterior Repair program was formulated based on detailed investigation and analysis of the existing conditions, and was a collaborative process involving various groups of Consultants and School Committees. The final Master Plan established a prioritized exterior repair program, with considerations to safety, maintenance, budgets, school scheduling logistics, and historic preservation issues, in addition to future development plans. The project is currently implementing Phase IV of a 5-year multi-phased program.