Building Renovation and Rooftop Addition


The original structure, an 1830’s Federal Residence, later evolved into an 1880's Mercantile Loft Building, and in this project has again been repurposed as a mixed use building, with ground floor commercial, second floor rental apartment, and a three story Urban Villa built for the developer. The Villa triplex is organized around an illuminated court and interconnecting atrium that brings in natural light and warmth to the less exposed interior reaches of the building. The dramatic spacial organization of the court also provides passive ventilation for cooling. Cool air is drawn in through venting skylights on the lower terraces, which then rises up and out through the top of the atrium.

The diagonally-oriented atrium bridge, connecting the north and south terraces of the penthouse, aligns with a shift in the street grid below. The grid shift reflects the intersection of the original 18th century and late 19th century street grids that cross at this location. Capitalizing on this organizational geometry provides an unusual axial vista south along a perpendicular tree-lined street that frees the structure from its original rectangular order. As a result, the Villa holds fast to the overall integrity of the building’s origins yet creates a unique and versatile modern living space.