Approaching Silence
Design Development

Brooklyn, NY  /  In Progress

Approaching Silence is a collaborative project singularly focused around perceptual sound through sculptural interaction. Led by contemporary artist Truman Lowe, regarded as the ‘preeminent native sculptor of his generation,' Approaching Silence offers an unparalleled lens to recognize and understand noise pollution, an often overlooked but pervasive source of environmental stress. An assembly of remarkable talent in art, acoustics, engineering and technology offer participatory public engagement in Approaching Silence — an opportunity to experience a moment of silence in an immersive structure, illuminating the imperceptible and empowering a movement for change.

B/LA lead the Design Development from the sketches of Truman Lowe and worked closely with Arup to optimize the shape for its sound performance.

In collaboration with Arup, SITU Fabrication, and SkyDog Projects.