Passive Design


This house sits in the tropical coastal lands south of Acapulco. The architecture draws its inspiration from Pre-Columbian archeological remnants, the archetypal Mexican Courtyard house, and the spirit of Latin American Modernism. The scheme consists of an archetypal stair element that traverses through all areas of the house, providing outdoor circulation from level to level, defining all primary spaces. Rising just above the deep shade canopy of the heavily vegetated landscape, the upper floor looks out over the Pacific Ocean. The steps of the grand stair, are 90cm wide each, allow for gardening and landscape elements. The east elevation is a horizontal cantilevered bedroom and bathroom zone that provides deep shade to terrace areas below, including the outdoor cooking areas of the kitchen and a protected area adjacent to the swimming pool. Details of the space planning considered patterns of shading, passive airflow and cooling. An interior rectangular courtyard provides more intimate views from within the house. The house was designed for an actor, who plans to use it as a second home as well as a working retreat for colleagues in film and theater.