70 Vestry Street
Exterior Envelope Consulting

New York, NYIn progress 

This fourteen-story limestone veneer and precast concrete building, with customized shop-installed, sound-attenuated windows, was constructed in 2018. Hired by Related Companies as Exterior Envelope Consultant, Bone/Levine Architects directed performance quality control and testing of the building envelope, from the design phase, through to completion.

Bone/Levine Architects developed and executed the performance mockup and verification testing of the precast panels in conjunction with (CLEB) Montreal testing services. The extensive ornamental use of Burgundian limestone throughout the facade required a highly articulated assembly at the face of the precast panels. Bone/Levine Architects sought to understand, coordinate and reconcile the various methods by which each component of the building managed moisture and water infiltration to ensure that the wall assembly would perform throughout its life cycle, from the precast plant in Montreal, through transport to New York City, erection, and eventual end-use on the facade during Bone/Levine Architects mandated field-testing.