60 East 12th Street
Exterior Restoration / Window Redesign & Replacement

New York, NY  /  Completed 2005 

This large apartment complex was originally built in the New York City post-war housing expansion. The existing façade brick and cast stone windowsill and lintel elements were in poor condition. The structural steel relieving angles supporting the façade brickwork to the reinforced concrete structure had begun to fail and was inadequately waterproofed. The building was plagued with chronic leaks in addition to a mundane aesthetic. The resulting repairs program led to the complete re-skinning of the apartment complex. The windows were completely redesigned and replaced with insulated glass units with projecting architectural surrounds — accentuating the original streamlined ribbon-window elements and creating a new architectural impression. The storefronts were redesigned employing large glass window bays capped with a projecting glass canopy. The corner tower element dramatically marks the northwest corner of the building rising to an open window at the rooftop deck and garden.